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Dear guests,

We must inform you that we had to change the venue of our coming TIME:CODE event with Hosh that was supposed to happen in Višegrad on the magnificent “Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge“. 

The sole purpose of TIME:CODE as an international brand is to unite people of all nations and promote unity, culture and world beauties. Unfortunately, there are groups of people and individuals which do not see things the same way as we do and have different views of this event due to war happenings in Višegrad and on the Bridge itself.

TIME:CODE does not have a goal to deny any historical tragedies but we also believe that cities and its structures that have existed for hundreds of years should not be connected to these happenings in this particular manner. For us, as well as for the architecture and the people who built the bridge in the 16th century, the Bridge is a symbol of uniting people!

Since the safety of our visitors, our team and the artists always comes first, we have decided to change the current location. We think that it is no longer safe to organize this event at this specific location because of the activists that are publicly protesting against it.

We would like to express gratitude to the Municipality of Višegrad as well as to the Institute for the protection of the Monuments for giving us support even after all this happenings. We would also like to thank all of you for giving us support for this event. This decision was solely ours and we were not forced by anyone to cancel this event but we do not want to endanger anyone by going through with this venue.


With great desire to overcome this and continue in positive manner, TIME:CODE managed to find alternative venue:

Avala Tower plateau in Belgrade.
We would like to use this opportunity and invite all ticket holders, as well as all others, to come to this event so that we can all move forward promoting positive values together.

In case you are not able to come to the new venue, TIME:CODE will offer to all ticket holders an option to switch their ticket for some other event or request the full refund.


All the information about the refund process CLICK HERE